Getting a prospective of how really fragile we are……Water is Sacred

One fact that is incredibly shocking is how little humans know about water. How

disconnected from water’s role in the life of all living things. It’s most sacred role in the

existence of life. It’s spiritual and biological significance. Whether by design or not, it’s

value to humanity, agriculture and economy is paramount. What is more shocking, is

the present mentality of humanity and it’s diminished respect and reverence for our

rivers, lakes and oceans.

Municipalities throughout Brazil and other countries have not the political courage or power to do what is

necessary and important for cities throughout the world. To stop the degradation of

our rivers and water systems. The problem is systemic as well cultural. Not only is it

completely self destructive, it is disgusting and primitive to use our rivers and streams

as sewers. Humans need to become aware of how really important water really is and

how important it to understand and respect water’s role in supporting our civilization.

Releasing human refuse into our rivers and sending it downstream to our neighbors

should be a capital offense or at least a crime against nature.

How did we get to the point where these kind of self destructive activities became the


If we have not already crossed the tipping point of no return, our present humanity

would be best advised to start now, a massive public works program to clean human

and animal waste from our rivers and tributaries. Not only would it create jobs but it

would also create a better quality of life. If we continue to kick this problem down the

road our rivers , lakes and oceans will die. This is already happening on a very large

scale and would be detrimental to the continued existence of the human race. Already

scientist are saying that we are in the beginning stages of mass extinction. Only a

massive shift of conscience will be able to save our species from ourselves.

The question is, When will our public servants step up and seriously address this

extremely destructive practice of dumping treated waste into our rivers. Rivers are the

lifeblood of our environment. We fish and use the water to irrigate crops. We shower

and brush our teeth as well to wash dishes. Big agriculture firms such as Monsanto are

responsible for massive chemical use that does not decompose easily. All of these

chemicals come back to us via our food supply and the cycle continues. Human waste

returns the chemicals back into the rivers……and the maddening cycle continues to get

worse…..killing the oceans and its inhabitants. . However, we are all responsible for our

predicament. Until we wake up and finally get in perspective how extremely important

our rivers are to the continuation of life on this planet, particularly for humans and

animals, our future does not look good. Ultimately it is us who have let the politicians

ignore problems that make life unbearable. We all need to take individual responsibility

and make our vote count when electing public servants. The local city governments are

powerless without the support of its citizens. It is encumbered upon ourselves to

organize and execute good citizenship. Help your neighbors by being a role model.

Join like minded people and organize local communities by helping them understand

that no one is going to do it for them…..that it must be a grassroots movement.

There are two questions this article wants to ask…..first…..What is water and how is it

created? A typical answer would be “don’t know” or “came here on meteorites or it’s

always been here”.

Astonishingly 99.9% of people are either wrong or don’t know… This is really amazing

considering water is being created right under our noses. Recently a group of scientist

have discovered and confirmed by peer review how water is created. It seems so

simple that we should have known this a long time ago…..H2O consist of one part

hydrogen and two part oxygen….It would not be an exaggeration to call it starwater

since it is our sun that creates water. Here is basically how it works…… Periodically the

sun has explosions that come off the surface of the sun or from black holes. These are

referred to as CMEs Coronal Mass Ejections or solar flares. The solar flares are made

of plasma and plasma is made of hydrogen. When the earth is facing the sun when a

CME goes off, this energy or plasma travels through space until it hits an object such as

earth….. Lucky for earth that it has a protective bubble around it to protect itself from

too much radiation….This is called the magnetosphere. Most of the radiation bounces

off the protective bubble but a small amount gets through…..As the energy from the

sun, (hydrogen) combines with oxygen from the earth in the upper atmosphere in a

magnetic and electrical field, water is created. Thus returns to earth as rain…..also

lightning which is pure plasma is also capable of creating water as well. Scientist

surmise that in the last polar reversal the magnetosphere tore open and much of the

oxygen on the planet escaped into the upper atmosphere where it was exposed to the

sun’s rays and turned into water. This newly formed water now became heavy and the gravity of the

earth pulled it back down to the surface as rain.. The planet was covered in water for a

long time. Biblical records claim it rained for forty days and forty nights. Astronomers

are now realizing that this is periodical occurrence that has happened many times

before. This explains why the so many ancient cities are now underwater. It is because

our planet is growing in size very quickly. Soon most cities that are on the coast today

will eventually find themselves swimming with the fish….

Having traveled to more than 50 countries there is one observation that keeps coming

into my mind,… Wherever the rivers and lakes were clean, people lived in relative

prosperity… and houses near the rivers were higher in value…..wherever, the

rivers were polluted, people lived in poverty and the houses and land were under

valued.  Its not hard to figure out….pollution equals poverty and vice versa….

Amigos do Rio Capivari